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Jody DiPerna

Writer, Listener & Chronicler of Life in the Rust Belt & Appalachia

'Writing Down the Mountains:  Literary Appalachia" is a work in progress for University Press of Kentucky

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'Writing Down the Mountains: Literary Appalachia' is a reported work in in progress, about the flowering of writing culture throughout the region. This ramble through the hollows and ridges is an exploration of Appalachians holding our writers in sacred space. It is a mediation on how books and story-telling heal our souls and the ways that books help to foster authentic, healthy communities. 



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I'm a writer and journalist. I've spent years covering books, literary culture and writers in the Pittsburgh area, the Rust Belt and Appalachia.  

To see my most up to date work, visit the Pittsburgh Institute of Nonprofit Journalism dot org to see more. 

Go here to read some of my stories for the Pittsburgh Current. 


Contact me at: leftfielddiperna [at] gmail [dot] com

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